Editing is an interesting and important part of the film production process. The editor's job is to take all the footage and sound, and piece it together to create the story of the film. This requires both technical and artistic editing skills. These skills are what you will learn in a film editing school.

Top Film Editing School Programs

There are no production schools that only do film editing, but many have film editing as a specialization and almost all film schools have editing courses. Some top film editing schools are:

  • New York University: Tisch School of the Arts
  • University of Southern: California School of Cinematic Arts
  • University of Central Florida: Film Program
  • Boston University: College of Communications
  • Full Sail University: Film Department

In addition to these types of schools, there are online programs and tutorials available. In addition, the companies that make editing software, especially Final Cut Pro and Avid, offer their own courses to teach the complexities of their products.

Structure of Film Editing Courses

A typical film editing course will combine artistic and technical aspects. Understanding and becoming proficient in using professional-level editing software is a skill that takes time. There are so many shortcuts and settings you must understand to be efficient. Besides these skills, you will learn what separates good editing from bad. There are often editing courses dealing with both picture editing and sound editing. There are often also classes specifically dealing with music editing and special effects.