When people think about film industry jobs, they generally think of famous Hollywood directors and producers. These people, however, make up a tiny fraction of production jobs in the film industry. Filmmaking is an extremely complex process that requires people specializing in many different areas of pre-production, production, and post production.

Pre-Production Film Jobs

There are many people who must work on a film before a single camera ever starts rolling. A motion picture starts with an idea, and then a script. The first film job in the process is the writer. It is their job to construct the story and characters. It is then sent to producers, who decide which scripts deserve to be made into films and are then in charge of financial and creative aspects of the process. Casting director is another important job, as he/she will team up with the director and producer to find the actors for the film.

Film Production Jobs

Film production jobs are positions where you are on the set during filming filling various roles. The set is where the filming takes place, either on location or in a studio, and it requires many people to be doing their jobs in tandem. Here are just a few film jobs you will find on a set during any production:

  • Director - The director is the creative chief on the set. He works with the actors and his crew to capture the film on camera.
  • Director of Photography - The DP's job is to make sure everything looks great on camera. This includes overseeing lighting, framing, and many other aspects of the shot.
  • Continuity Supervisor - This person's job is to eliminate continuity errors between takes and make sure everything stays consistent.
  • Lighting Designer - The lighting designer's job is to light the scene artistically to reflect the setting and tone.

Post-Production Film Jobs

After the filming is done, the film still must go through a lot of hands before it is a finished product. If the movie is shot on film rather than video, it must be sent to a film processing company. It is their job to develop the film and sometimes put a digital copy on a hard drive for editing purposes. After the processing stage, there is a number of film editing jobs required before the film is ready.

Then the film goes to the film editors, who must cut all the takes and scenes together to make a cohesive story. Then the composer is called in to create the music for the film. After that, the almost final movie goes to the sound editors, who make sure that the audio quality is where it needs to be before the film goes out to the public.

After the film itself is ready, there are still more jobs required. The distributor talks with theaters and media companies to work out deals for when/where the movie is shown. There are often entire publicity departments to promote the film to the public.

These are just a few of the typical jobs you will find on a large-budget film. There are also many other jobs in filmmaking, such as television, commercials, and corporate videos. Each of these businesses has its own unique jobs.